Change of Certain Shortcut KeyCommands

Hi Forum,

I’m using Wavelab 8.5 on a MacBook Pro.
Because my laptop does not have a numeric keypad, I’m trying to change the shortcut key commands, “start playback from cursor” (default: keypad “Enter”) and “playback stop” (default: keypad “0”) to the keys available on my laptop keyboard.

However, these commands are not listed in Customize commands window.

Please let me know how I can re-assign the keys for these commands.

Thank you!

Hmm…no reply…

As these two are by far the most frequently used functions for me, I’m curious how other laptop users work around without such shortcuts.

Please don’t say buy an external num pad…

the space bar toggles between play and stop

I looked and there are no programmable transport key command options,
so your only choices seem to be the space bar or Pad-enter/Pad-0

Thanks Brian.

A couple of things:

  1. Space bar, which toggles play/stop, is not an equivalent to Pad-Enter/0 combination. Pad-Enter also re-triggers playback; Pad-0 stops/rewinds/moves back to the beginning.

  2. Most of the transport shortcuts are available for custamization from the transport-bar context menu where play/stop are excluded from the list.

As there seems to be no workaround. I’d like to make it a feature request.


Get a usb keypad, they are cheap, and don’t take up much space when traveling

Also, some laptops have a keypad emulation mode using the standard qwerty, check to see.