Change of clef

Is it possible to create a change of clef after the time signature but without changing the clef at the start, as in the attached jpg.? Every time I try this, the first clef changes and I can’t insert a change.
Also, how can I re-position or realign text as the ‘sostenuto’?
Many thanks for any help with this.
Forlana Key Sig.jpg

I’m afraid Dorico does not (at the moment, at least) support changing the clef before the first note in an instrument, so you will have to live with showing a bass clef at the start of the staff. Unless you need to preserve that notation for historical purposes, the modern convention would be to show only the bass clef in that situation in any case. We have not ruled out supporting this historical convention in future, but it’s a bit tricky and not, at the moment, a super high priority to address that.

To move text or indeed any item graphically, go to Engrave mode and you can move it around freely there.

Super quick reply, many thanks Daniel, Best wishes, Laurence