change of player doesn't change the name in full score

I have an xml file imported from Sibelius with 2 flutes and a bass part.
When in setup I change the 2. flute to a violin and go to write mode the full score still says flute 2 - but the part says violin.
What’s up with that ?

What is the name of the layout (righthand column in Setup) that contains the Flute/Violin part?


Mads, make sure you change the name of the instrument rather than the player: expand the card in the Players panel on the left and then click the little chevron > on the name of the instrument exposed below, then choose Edit Names from the menu that appears. It’s the instrument names rather than the player names that are the basis of staff labels.

Thank you Daniel for explaining that. I was able to change Clarinetto in A to Clarinetti I / II in A. Now, is it (or will it) be possible to change ‘in A’, to ‘in La’?

Ian Schofield

Dear Donizetti06,

this is quite similar to the problems I had last week. I am afraid this is not possible, the localisation have not been finished yet.
You could read this thread :

Marc, that’s excellent - many thanks.