Change on the mixer order

I don’t know if I reported this before…

When creating and duplicate tracks, sometimes it change it’s order.

it happens sometimes with just adding tracks too. Been there for a while.

Yes, that bothers me a lot, principally when I’ve a hundred tracks…

Hi guys,

in order to reproduce this we need further information.

At this moment I can not confirm a misbehavior or find a bug.

All tracks I was duplicating were at the expected position.

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It’s really confusing, I hope this will be fixed someday.

A workaround is to close the mixer and reopen it, Hit F3 two times.

Cheers, Matze!

I’ll post some pics later…

Is this the same as this old bug?? Or do I misunderstand?

If this is it, then it’s impossible to provide any reproducible steps…it’s completely random and not happening that often (ime)

Well for me, It doesn’t happen all the time. Only sometimes when I add a track or duplicate tracks does it happen.

Sonik, Does this happen consistently with you?

That’s the same issue.

I had open a post some time ago, here’s the link with a pic:

Hi guys,

hm strange thing, but we need a repro in order to find anything.
I have now worked over 3 hours in the same project and duplicated, copied etc.
The order of the tracks is correct and in the VST mixer is everything correct as well.

So guys…please send me more info…



Nope - that doesn’t do it.

Cheers Matze!

I have seen this here as well. Completely random, can’t make it heppen.

I’m on OSX.
And usually I’ve some hidden tracks.

No repro for now. It’s random for me. But often…