Change or Remove UPC - Can't Undo

If I change or remove the UPC in a montage it doesn’t show up in History. Can’t Undo.

will this be fixed ?

This has never been considered as a bug (was designed so, because does not affect the audio). However, this could be changed.

Thanks PG, but I really think it should be like all the other data entry in the montage: ISRC, cd text, rename markers, everything else has undo afaik, and is added to the undo history. I can’t imagine another mastering program that doesn’t have an undo for the UPC. As it is, you can have a whole sequence of changes, with a UPC mod in the middle, then undoing through all the changes you’re left with the UPC mod only not undone. I don’t know about anybody else, but it’s not what I would expect.