Change ornament size?

I wonder if it is possible to change the size of the ornaments as default? In the fonts which are standard available the ornaments are a little too big/bold/aggressive to my liking and I would like to make them a bit smaller.
In the properties panel you can change the size, but that is on an individual basis, and it looks like that you can change them in the Musical Symbols, but there you have to change them again one-by-one for every font.
Is there some workaround, to have them all, say, 80%?

(I’m not sure). But rather than do them individually, try select-all then filter>ornaments and trills. And you can then resize them all at once. (Or you could select one then select more twice to select them all)

Doing it in Music Symbols would ensure that, once done, they would always be at the size you wanted, in every project.

How many fonts do you use?

Yes, I found out that that works, but this is per flow, and still you have to do it every time again!
I am looking for a “permanent” setting.

Yes, that looks like a permanent solution, but I wonder what will happen if there is a new version of Dorico, or another font update…

Just started with Dorico, and doing only keyboard things, started with Bravura as default, but it now seems that I like FinaleMaestro more, and planning to buy November, so in total 2 or 3 fonts, that is not a big problem.

An update to either the font you use, or Dorico itself, should not affect your defaults.

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Ok, so what you do in the MusicSymbols editor does not change the font itself?
It only changes the appearance in my settings, that is good news!

I favour November 2 as the music font. It’s generally smaller in many aspects than Bravura. The ornaments are definitely smaller and may be just what you want.

Just some snaps from a work in progress:

November 2:




Actually there are some things in November 2 that are small that I don’t like. In particular the digit 8 on octave clefs is so small I can barely see it. I have attempted to write to Piechaud to have this addressed but even though he appears to be on this forum he is not responsive. But overall he seems to prefer smaller than larger for objects.

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It’s a mixed bag, IMO. There are some lovely things, and some awful things. The dynamic p is terrible.

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I tend to agree.

Well, thanks for the warnings, it seems that finding THE perfect music font is not that simple! Luckily in my kind of music the dynamic p is not to be found very often :grinning:.
I will first try to change the default size of ornaments in FinaleMaestro, and see if I am content with that, afterwards I can allways try and see what November will bring me.

Notation Central that sells November 2 has a lot of samples you can look at to decide.

Indeed I have those examples, but it needs some time en experience to find out what you really like or not, so those samples do not reveal everything. Plus they are made in Finale, an I already found out that at least one ornament shown there is not possible in Dorico (alas!)

If the glyph is in the font, then at the very least, you can make a Playing Technique with it.

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Thanks, will try that, but probably at a later time…
Too many other things at hand at this moment

Norfonts has quite a few uniquely distinct fonts you may be interested in.

@NorFonts is active on this forum.

I use Soli and Tutti sometimes.

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Thanks, yes I have seen his website and the postings here, he has just released a new font.
But I try not to fall in the trap of first buying many fonts, and afterwards ending up with too many to choose from! First learning as much as neccesary in Dorico itself…

I was browsing the Musical Symbols help topic, and found the video there, where Anthony changes the 8 of the 8va clef to a larger variant.
Maybe that can solve your problem with these clefs!

Could not resist to check the Playing Technique editor now…
But there is one slight problem here, Dorico can place the new playing technique only Above or Below, but it needs to be placed Before or After!
Like this one:
and this one

is there some workaround for that?

You could change one of the Jazz ornaments, which are before or after the notehead, into the glyph you need.

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Hmm, might be possible, was not aware of this, never seen them before!
But now have a few other questions :grinning::
Where can I find these?
And why can Dorico place these before and after and can it not place other ornaments before or after?