Change output dest. On several MIDI tracks at the same time

I’m working on a template where several MIDI tracks are going to be routed to an instant of Vienna Ensemble. Is there a way to change destination of several tracks in one go?. And maybe change the color of several tracks in one go?

Yes, the same way it works for audio tracks, which was asked opnly 3 days ago, and by the time posting this can still be found on the first forum page…

I think you are the first one here on Steinberg Forum, that I have “talked” to that simply prefers to make a joke - out of my question - instead of answering it. It’s a common attitude on MotuNation and one of the reasons - a minor I admit - why I dropped using DP8.
It’s sad that some people feels encouraged to behave like that. :frowning:
If you don’t want to answer my question so don’t, but maybe you could refrain from the smart stuff? :sunglasses:

So again is there a way to change the destination on several MIDI tracks in one go? I have been trying with shift+option, but with no success.

Hi Musicmind

Most times one can change multiple track items (Audio or Midi) by selecting those tracks then hold down shift and alt and change whatever you need to change:-)

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Hey Musicmind,

You’re correct how some people on this forum reply with unnecessary posts, however, not everyone here is like that. Personally, I think it’s cool you switched from DP to Cubase. I used DP for years and swore by it–that was until I discovered Cubase. Now, after knowing both programs well, DP is a headache to use. Cubase has much more to offer with the endless key commands, the logical editors and macros (which DP lacks).

Anyway, back on topic, like Dave said above, if you select all the tracks you want to change, and while holding down option-shift, change the MIDI output to your desired destination.

Take care.

Hi musicmind, definitely we are not all like that!! I sometimes find some posts irritating too.

you may try the Qlink function as well. Think i did this a while back to change outputs destination. :slight_smile: