Change PDF "number" for export

I recently completed a composition that originally had 2 flute parts, but I later added a third. Since I added Flute 3 later, when I export it, the number is now 23 - Flute 3 - filename.pdf. Ideally, I would like it to be

1 - Flute 1, 2 - Flute 2, then 3 - Flute 3.

I dragged Flute 3 to the desired location in both the players column and layout list in Setup Mode, but the export name doesn’t change.

Does anyone know a way around this?


There is a Renumber Layouts command (Setup menu, or right click on a Layout in the right-hand panel.)

Have you tried that?

Ben is right, that function is there exactly for that. Make sure that you put the third flute right below the second one in the Layout list (right panel in Setup mode).

Wow, I feel like a dope. I didn’t realize that was an option!

Thank you so much.


It’s quite new, it appeared in 2.2.10 I think :wink:

It’s a great feature. I’m glad it was included.