Change pitch of note

Searching the manual does not show a solution, but I can’t believe there is not a simpler way of doing this. Am I missing something?..

Is it not possible to select a note in ‘Write’ mode, and use the keyboard up and down arrow keys to change its pitch up or down in chromatic steps?

There is this in the manual, but it involves calculating interval values and typing them in:

<alt> up/down = Move diatonically.
<alt<shift> up/down = move chromatically.

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See here. What were you searching?

Thanks Craig, thanks Lillie. :smiley:

Also command-alt-arrow
(Move by octave)

I’d searched ‘change pitch of note’, but your useful page did not come up in the list.

Thanks edd, yes, I use that one - invaluable.

Noted, thank you. In general, topic titles in the Dorico manual use verbs ending in -ing, so “changing” “moving” etc. If you search on using verbs in that form, you’ll probably get better results. Using Google, “dorico change pitch” brings it up as the top result (for me at least) albeit not in the latest version of the manual.

I have a specific problem with the pitch changing (I am also a brand new user of Dorico SE).
I use it on Windows 11 22H2.
The commands seem to work, except for the one for changing the pitch with one octave: the CTRL/ALT/Cursor Up does nothing at ll, while the one with cursor down switches my monitor off.

Any suggestions anyone?
Thank you very much in advance.

This sounds like the same problem as in this thread.

Thank you for pointing me into the right direction, Mark.
I managed to sort my problem.