Change pitch shortcut

Hi all,
I’ve searched the forum but I could not find this topic.
Is there a way to change the shortcuts assigned to single pitches?
The goal is to write pitches from C to B on consecutive computer keys like in a piano keyboard (that I find faster for my “pianist fingers” than searching for the position of keys CDEFGAB). I tried to change the shortcut in the menu (from what I understand in: "Preferences/Note input/Input Pitch, then assigning each key to a different “Parameter pitch”) but I can change only the way to write C.

[BTW, I must say that I really miss a help button for every window…its’ more direct to go into the doc]

Dorico SE 3 (so far) on a Mac OSX Sierra 10.2.6



The short answer, Lorenzo, is that it’s not possible, though the longer answer is that it is possible if you are willing and able to edit your key commands JSON file outside of Dorico (though it’s not even as straightforward as that, as you’ll also need to add some additional parameters for the command, which I’d need to research).

However, I wonder whether you’d be satisfied with using an extra application like MIDIKeys, which presents itself as a MIDI input device to your computer, but which you can play using your computer keyboard when the MIDIKeys window is in focus.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you. Eventually, so far it’s much faster for me to use the mouse or trackpad to point directly on the note.
BTW, concerning the general process of entering notes in Dorico, perhaps I will open another thread about some issues/doubts/ideas I continue to have concerning this basic phase of using Dorico.
Thank you