Change Pitch Value of A for some track and not others?

Trying to compose accompaniment for a sample taken from a sped up turntable.
I want to play a VSTi/MIDI in the original key but have the audio playback in key with the pitch boosted sample.

12 times Log base 2 (my tempo/original tempo) = x + 440 = A

Oddly enough, despite seeing this option where I can change the value of A plenty of times when it wasn’t relevant, I can’t remember how to change the value of A from 440Hz to the new pitch.

How do I change it for some tracks and not others, so that I’m not pitch shifting the sample further or messing up the vocals, recorded instruments, and drums? I just want to change it for a piano VSTi and a bass synth plugin.


You can use PitchBend on the given Instrument Track. Or you can use MicroTuner MIDI Insert on the given track and shift all notes by the same value.