Change Plugin Category

Hey Gang,

Is there a way to change a plugin’s category?



Open the plugin manager.


Forgive my ignorace but could you explain further, I’ve tried everything I know, “double-click”, “right-click”, “drag-n-drop” but nothing will let me edit the tags.

You have to create a customised collection first. AFAIR you can start by copying the default list. The copy is editable.


Sorry, I had no time at this moment, and not Nuendo in front of me.

So go to men/Studio/VST Plug-in Manager. In the VST P.M., you have the principal Window on the left which gives you the list of your plug-ins in three pages (Fx, Instruments, and Blocklist). On the right, you have the default organization of theese plug-ins. Then you can create a new collection, new folders, move the plug-ins from a folder to another, etc.
At the top right, or with a right click (or Ctrl click on Mac) in the right side of the VST P.M. you have the list of action available.

Enjoy !

I never would have figured this out.
Kudos to you gentlmen!


You’re welcome !

This does not actually change the plugins’ category; rather, it merely assigns the plugin to a new folder structure within the Plugin Manager’s customised collection listing. The Category field remains the same.

I too would like to change the incorrect categorisation of MusicLab’s RealGuitar series of plugins from “Synth” to “Guitar” and have found the only way to do this is to manually edit the XML file(s) in Cubase (or Nuendo’s) settings folder(s) using a decent text editor such as NotePad++.