Change Plugin Category

Sorry, I don’t get it. If I go to Devices > Plug-in Information > VST Plug-ins > “Category” – should this not be editable somehow?

When Cubase is first installed, it loads its instruments under “Synths”. I’d like to be able to add to that - say if I install Massive for example - and create other categories for samplers, etc.

What’s the best way to go about this, or at least the right direction. Thanks and sorry if I’m missing something in the docs but didn’t see it.

You can organize your 2.x plug-ins into folders by creating a folder structure within the parent path.
Currently, for VST 3.x plug-ins, you can’t reorganize them. Something that has been asked for and discussed quite a lot.

I see, I see… thx^

One of those “old requests” I’m hoping shows up n 7.5 … Dream while we can !

Files ----> Preferences ----> VST ----> Plug-ins ----> Mark "Arrange By Manufacturer Plugins.

Solve your problem ?

Actually do not know if it says “Arrange By Manufacturer Plugins.” but something about this, is that my Cubase is in Portuguese.