Change plugin from "disabled" to "on/off" with mouse click

Feature Request: Steinberg please change the action of mouse clicking on a plugins power control from “disabled” to “on/off”. I’d rather use a modifier (in this case ALT) to disable rather than turn off/on. Or at least make it a preference

It does this: Just hold down option/alt while you hit the power control of the plugin on the mixer and it will turn on/off completely. Unless you simply want this behavior reversed, for some reason.

Yes, I think it should be reversed so that a modifier key ISN’T used to turn on/off but rather able/disable. I need to turn stuff on/off a lot more than able/disable…


I disagree, bypass is infinitely more useful when mixing. No latency recalculation that courses glitches for one.
I preferred the old way that had dedicated On/Off and Bypass buttons, but that’s never coming back.

OK, fair enough, then lets have a preference…