Change Plugin Names within Project

Hello all, this might be a ‘weird’ question, but I’m having a bit of a pickle here.

In the past, I had been ‘testing’ with jBridge, to make 32-bit plugins available for 64bit Cubase. That all went well, but… I made a mistake. I made some bridged plugins from 64-bit plugins.

All the bridged plugins get a .64 behind their names. So for instance, the real name of the plugin is ‘Plugin’, but after the jBridge ‘conversion’, the name is ‘Plugin.64’ inside Cubase.

Now, I have the good 64-bit plugins, with all the same possibilities in them, but I’d like to use the native 64-bit plugins. Is there a way to change the ‘requested plugin name’ inside Cubase from .64 to the normal name, so that it tries to load the right version?

I understand this explanation might be a little ‘weird’, so if there are any questions about this, please feel free to ask.

I think the problem is already fixed…? I installed the plugins in 64-bit and even though the plugin is not bridged (and the name in the project is still .64) it does load the unbridged version…

Does this have something to do with the plugin-id I read about ?!