Change project title text size between "first page" and "default" page


I’m trying to set up a layout system for showing several flows (say 6) with short pieces of music (16 bar trad tunes) on three printed A4 pages.

I have created “first page,” “default page” and “flow header” templates in the Engraving section and they are mostly working as intended, as I have allowed flows to start on the same page and etc. in the “layout options” panel.

What I’m stumped by is that I would like the Project title to appear on each of the pages – and I’ve set up the engraving templates to do this. so far so good. But, I’d like to have the Project title be in larger text (say 18pt.) on the first page, and smaller text (12 pt.) on subsequent pages.

When I try to change the text size in the First Page engraving template, the change does not save, but can only apparently be changed in the Default page engraving template.

Anyone have any ideas about how I can set the first page project title text to be larger but only have it apply to the first page??

When you “created” (rather than working off the existing Page Templates?) did you base one page template on another?

If so, you should try (on a copy of your file) deleting the First Page Template Header and rebuilding it to make sure it is independent of the same on the Default (or any other) Page Template.

Fields/Frames copied from on page Template to another are linked, which is not always what one wants.

Thanks Derrek,

So what that means is that I have to build every other element on that page from scratch too? I was hoping to avoid having to build out all of the other elements that are on the first page.

Thanks, JW

One only has to rebuild the frames one wants to be independent. I often wish Dorico provided a way to copy a page and unlink it before making changes to common frames; perhaps some day they will.

I tend to use the properties panel to jot down the alignment and size information for all the frames I plan to replicate and then start a new page as a Custom page to avoid changing the original page when I adapt the new one. It’s a bit of work, so I keep a separate project that I use to store various Page Template Sets to use in future projects.

I also have followed a concept suggested (I think) by @FredGUnn to put my preferred Page Template Set into a Library file so that it loads automatically into each new project.

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