change project title when using flow titles

I started with a one movement work with a Project title, which showed in Project Info in the Title box.

Then, I added a Flow1 Title to that and added a second movement, which has a FLow2 title.

Now, I can enter the Flow1 and Flow2 titles to the Project Info “title” box.
But, how do I get my Project Title into an appropriate field?

Shouldn’t there be a Project Title box and a Flow Title box in the Project Info list? I only see Title and Subtitle. (I’m using SubTitle).

I could rig it and just put the Project Title in an unused field, like Artist, and use that, but seems like there should be a better way…

I want the first page to be:
Project Title
Flow Title

Whoops, never mind, I think I figured that out. Can someone delete this question? THanks

No need to delete the thread, but I’m glad you figured it out.

Actually,… it didn’t work. Could someone help with the original question? Where do I add/edit the project title?

The top box in the File > Project Info… panel is a pull-down that allows access to separate slots for Project and individually for all created flows.