Change quarter notes to eighth notes etc

Let’s say I composed something using quarter notes but later I decide it would be better to change the notation to show shorter note values, i.e. the quarter notes become eighth notes, whole notes become half notes, etc. and change the tempo accordingly so everything sounds the same but is notated with smaller note values. There was a tool in Sibelius to do this. Is there a tool in Dorico that can do this transformation?

EDIT: OK I can do this in Logic when I create the tempo map. Would like to learn the answer for Dorico but it’s not an urgent need anymore.

Turn on insert mode and do Write > Edit Duration > Halve Note Duration. You can change the meter independently of the notes.

Beware that tuplets are not currently handled well by this function. There have been many discussions of this on the forum.


You turn Insert mode on and then half the durations:

To halve the length of notes, press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-Alt/Opt-Left Arrow

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That doesn’t do what I want. (BTW that option was below the bottom of my screen, I found it by scrolling down past the bottom).
It changed this
Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 7.44.07 PM
to this

but what I want is this (q=53)
Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 7.45.10 PM

Because you did not turn Insert mode on first.

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OK I think what I’m looking for is this (how to turn insert mode on - i never use it on purpose, have used it a couple of times by mistake for surprise results-

“Similarly, deleting notes or reducing their duration with Insert mode activated pulls surrounding notes closer together without leaving rests between them.”

Thanks everybody

You didn’t turn Insert mode on. If I turn insert mode on I get what you want. Without insert mode on I get the first one. (You’ll need to change the tempo yourself).

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Glad you sorted it out.

For what it’s worth, both @Mark_Johnson and myself wrote that you needed to have Insert mode activated first. :slight_smile:


I know - I saw that - but I did not know what Insert Mode was or how to access it, since it’s not a function I needed before. You both gave the right answer but I did not understand the answer until given more detailed instruction. I did not know what to search for in the copious documentation either. I kept looking for how to turn insert mode on and could not find that. Thought it would be at the top of the Insert Mode section but it was buried at the bottom. Thank you all.

The bass and treble staffs are out of sync. I cannot use this function. I will just key it in all over again.

Before you do, check that the Insert mode scope is set to Global:

Dorico has all the features you need to make a correction like this, but you have to learn where to find them and how they work. In your case it might be easier to do it over, but fixing the problem the way we suggest would also help you learn how things work.

I didn’t mention that insert mode now has 4 scopes because it would have been too much information for the question you first asked.

Also, since the Write menu is so long that you didn’t see the Edit Duration submenu, you can always try the Jump Bar. Just hit J and start to type the command, and it will find matches.