Change Rhythmic values for entire piece

After creating a piece dense with sixteenth note runs, I realized that beginning players might be scared off; so I want to change the entire composition, written in Common time, by doubling all the rhythmic values: 16th notes would become 8th notes, 8th notes would become quarter notes, and so on. How to do this?

(Assuming there are no tuplets). Switch on Insert (I). Select all the notes you want to change. Then apply Write>Edit Duration>Double Note Duration

Make sure that each voice has rests shown and selectable throughout this section – if you’ve got places where for e.g. there are two voices active in bar 3, but in bars 1-2 there’s only a single bar rests shown for the up-stem voice, you might end up with displaced voices relative to each other when you double note durations (because the down-stem voice didn’t have anything to double in bars 1-2).

Just what I wanted—I knew there was a simple solution. Thanks for your swift reply.

Ah, those devilish details. Thanks for the heads up, Lillie.

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