Change Single Stem Directions in Percussion Part

I’ve been trying to figure this out… I want the stems on this part to alternate up and down.

When I select a single note and choose Edit → Stem → Force Stem Down, all the stems in the entire part flip. How can I just do certain ones?

Have you tried pressing f (flip) ?

F makes all the stems in the entire score flip, same as the menu option.

Yes, that’s what I get as well. Alternating two voices on the staff will allow you to flip individual notes. (406 KB)

Derrek, I cannot duplicate your success. I see it working in your file, but when I make a brand new file with a single handclap staff, I cannot make a new voice. Shift-V gives me a different cursor than on usual staves, and it won’t make a new voice that can be flipped.

Actually, I can’t even do it on the second bar of your file. Your notes are all in the same voice. How did you do this?

I’m including my simplified file. Is there a setting somewhere I’m missing? (850 KB)

The trick with flipping stems on a single-line percussion instrument is that by default all stems on a single-line percussion instrument are contextual, that is to say that Dorico doesn’t have a fixed idea of whether they should point up or down. You can disable this feature if you like, on the Notes page of Engraving Options, by setting ‘Stem direction for notes on the middle line of the staff’ to ‘Use default direction’, instead of ‘Determine by context’.

If the stems are contextual, then a forced direction for one stem will then cause all subsequent stems to point in the same direction, because they now take their direction from the one forced stem that tells them which direction to point. But if you work your way through from left to right and hit F to flip each note to the direction you expect it to appear, then each successive note will be told with certainty which way its stem should point.