Change solo player to section player ???

Hello community,

  1. is it possible to just convert a solo violin to a section violin (to make use of the divisi feature) ?
  2. can i turn a violin part into a soprano with the click of a mouse? (dynamics have to go above the staff)
  3. is there a layout option (hidden for me) where i can have the dynamics go above the staff?

thanks a lot as always

  1. Yes, add a section player, cut and paste. Or drag name card from one to the other.
  2. Setup mode, select instrument, change instrument.
  1. The easiest way would be to click on a dynamic in that staff, select more, open properties panel, set a position to “above.”

“Select more” is a new feature in 2.2…

Thank you Dan, great help as always!

I also need to add a second staff soprano voice in just one piece of an anthology of 18 already finished and layouted flows.
When i add another voice in setup mode the whole vertical spacing adjustments of all pieces is destroyed when i apply “Hide Empty Staves” from the Layout options.
Any ideas?

It’s rather unpredictable if you want change the instrumentation later on…

Have you made lots of manual adjustments to the vertical staff spacing? That’s not the preferred way. Instead, look in Layout Options—Vertical Spacing. It takes some time to get used to the different options, but that is the better way to go! Requires much less manual adjustment in Engrave Mode. And adjusts nicely when there are future changes.

Like you, i am a (former) Finale power user and don’t trust in (at least Finales) automatisms,
so i am used to do it all manually…

Still on the learning curve :wink:
But it’s getting more and more exponential

Strongly suggest you play around with vertical spacing settings!! They meet my layout needs 98% of the time, occasionally I need to adjust a little.

I’d recommend you try it out, then if you don’t like what you’re getting, post it here and someone can help.

You need to look at ideal gaps and vertical justification as well. Definitely with the investment of time. I rarely have to move staves any more…

Don’t hide empty staves everywhere. Remove the soprano staff from the flows that don’t need it, in Setup mode. (Select the flows, then untick the box in the list of players.)

Then it shouldn’t affect the vertical spacing in those flows at all.

You are right, so obvious Rob, thank you