change solo'd track on click edit button?

Still adjusting to Nuendo 5, and I keep finding things that don’t work as I expect, and having trouble navigating preferences to change them. The latest:

In my previous (Nuendo 2) setup, if I had a track solo’d, then clicked the edit button on another track, it would automatically mute the previously solo’d track, and solo the newly selected track instead. This is useful for comparing settings on similar tracks. But now, when I have a track solo’d, and click the edit button on another track, the new track gets hilited (and its edit window opens), but the previous track remains solo’d.

I’m sure this is in the preferences somewhere, but I can’t find it. Anybody know?


It’s the Preference “Solo selected track” (… actual wording might be different, I’m not in front of my machine ATM).

… you don’t have to click “e”, BTW, just select the track (works with cursor-keys, too).


In a similar vein, do you know of any way to solo by selected region rather than selected track?


with a region selected hit s. it’ll solo. now select another region, that new region will solo.

is that what you meant?

Hi Max,

That seems to work with tracks, not regions. I don’t think what I want to do is possible unfortunately.