Change staff label on subsequent system for a single flow?

Is it possible?

I have a flow with only one player (showing variations of a part) and it’s weird to see “soprano one” written over and over. But, I want the full names in every other flow.

I don’t think so - apart from creating a separate player to use as “Soprano” in that flow.

Right on. I went for the quick fix and changed it, exported those pages alone, and then changed it back and merged the two PDFs.

I think your way is the best idea though for the future.

You can hide/show staff labels at system/frame breaks.

Awesome! Thank you.

I’ve got a number of flows, each with a one bar passage, which are set up so that I can later import them into an instructional sheet in the body of the score. The problem is that each of them starts with a full instrument name, which is what I need on the first page of the score, but not here. I tried adding a system break at the last bar of the first flow, but no signpost for this appears. Does this mean that in this circumstance I can’t get rid of the instrument names in the new flows?

You can set a system break at the beginning of a flow and change the staff labeling in the properties panel.

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No need to do this manually for every flow.
Layout Options > Staff Labels has a choice for “None” for the first system.

Brilliant - thanks Nukkul.

That only seems to work for the whole score Mark. I still need the staff labels on the first page of the score, but I don’t need them in subsequent flows.

Have you considered putting a System Break at the start of the score and overriding staff names just for the first system?

Unless I’m completely misunderstanding you Derrek, that seems to be the exact opposite of what I’m trying to achieve. I need staff names at the beginning of the score, but never again (it’s just for cello and piano). All these extra flows are for the examples to be added to an instructional sheet earlier in the score.


the idea is, in layout options you set it to “show never” and you set a system break for the flow that you want to see the names.

If you only need to see the names in one flow, and have 15 small excerpts it’s faster - less changes.

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As @Nukkul explained, one can do this after setting both First System and Subsequent Systems Never to show staff names.

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Oh ok, that makes sense now, but I’ve just sat here making the adjustments one by one before I saw your last reply, so the next time I have to do something like this I’ll do it that way. Thank you everyone.

Update - I’ve done this and it works very well. Thank you Derek & Nukkul.

If you don’t need these flows to be shown at the end of each layout, and they’ll only ever appear in notation information pages that presumably you’ll set up as custom page templates, then you should edit the Default page template and untick these flows from the MA frame chain. That way, Dorico won’t automatically show them after your “actual music” main flow, but you can still force them to appear by selecting them manually in another frame chain (i.e. on your notation information page template).

Is this by using the Unlink button? Perhaps not, because this got rid of the system breaks at the beginning of the new flows.

This then (The top flow is the score - everything else is the extra flows for the purpose of the information page)?
Screenshot 2023-06-08 at 16.32.31

Aah now I can’t see them at all to work on. So presumably I do this operation after I’ve finished working on their content?

If you prefer, or set up the required page templates for them and work on them there. It’ll be the same content however it appears.