Change System...

Hi there I have been using PC for a very long time see attached pic, it runs slower than a snail and I think it’s time for a change now!
I have just seen Intel i9 extreme edition but I want to know is what mother board and Ram are compatible with this?
I am not a Mac user I only use PC, I want to make a powerful system as I use a lot of different types of software’s and games in my PC the main heavy 4 software’s are
Cubase 9, Wavelab 9, Adobe photoshop CS6 & premier pro CS6 so that’s why I need a very good processor, motherboard and Ram. So please I would like your suggestions on what would be best for me? Money is no issue as I know this will be a long term investment for me and I want to get the best! :slight_smile: Ohh and also what would be a good Grapic card for me to get

Wrong forum…

I’m using a Kaby Lake dual core 7500U with no issues.

Personally I’d not want to be on anything older and there are 10nm parts coming anyway.

svennilenni, I know that this isn’t the place to ask all this but I was hoping to get some personal insight from someone on this matter… would you happen to know which forum I can get this info on?

audioguy I’m sorry I didn’t quite get what you meant kindly could you explain a little more clearly… ?

I am also looking for 2 LCD monitors 27 inch which is the best company to go for?

Kaby Lake generation is current with Coffee Lake coming Q4.