Change tempo in one track only

Is it possible in cubase12 pro to change or lower the tempo in just one track? I have a 3rd party drum loop plugin and cannot lower the tempo in it only.(so it won’t affect the tempo in several other tracks)

You can’t really do that within a Project.

Try this

  1. Use “Save As…” to create a variant of your Project
  2. In this variant make the desired Tempo changes (and mute or just ignore the Tracks you don’t want to change)
  3. Use Render In Place or Audio Export to create an Audio File of the Track(s) you do want to change
  4. In your original Project Import this new Audio
  5. Make sure the file is NOT set the Musical Mode
  6. Make sure the Track for the Audio File is set to Linear Timebase
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I’d just render the loop inside the project to an audio track using Render in Place and then time stretch it to the desired tempo. Here’s a nice video showing how to do the latter :
How to Adjust the Tempo of Loops to Fit Your Project Tempo | Music Production for Beginners - YouTube

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