Change Tempo of complete project

Sometimes I have the following problem:
I have a multitrack recording of a song. The tempo of the played music can change quite a bit throughout the song. And now i just quickly want to listen to it faster or slower.
So far my solution is the following:
On each track I insert a piece of silence in the very beginning. Then I bounce the events of each track into one audio file per track. Then I can use Time Stretch on all files simultaniously.

So this is not very fast. Any suggestions, how to do this better?



Time stretching audio material can really change the sound of the material being stretched. Many sources such as cymbals, voice, guitar etc do not stretch well yet. The technology is just not there yet. So if you are planning on permanently changing the tempo of a particular part I would suggest re-recording that part.

If you just want to get an idea of how a section might sound then do a mixdown and audio stretch the mixdown. You can hear what it might sound like and then you can act accordingly. Making something that is really good sounding often does take a lot of time.

You know about the tempo track right?? You can access it with control T.
You can put tempo changes in there.

Dont have the books or my system in front of me but i think I recall that there’s an option somewhere about “Change track length modifies tempo”.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before…had multiple tracks in a project, selected all tracks and grabbed the track handles at the end, dragged the tracks to lengthen or shorten them and this would slow or speed up the playback tempo (wouldn’t affect pitch).

Didn’t have to export anything or create a mixdown.

@whitla: Easy enough, could have thought of this before. Thanks!

Yet sometimes I do not care about the quality loss and the time stretched matarial sounds time stretched but allright. And for some things rerecording is just not possible.

Yeah, but does it help me to change the playback tempo of recoreded audio material?

Yeah I know this option. That I think it will only work if all your recorded tracks start from the beginning.

Set all audio files to musical mode in the pool, entering the current tempo shown in transport. Set all audio tracks to musical timebase, change tempo in transport bar.