Change tempo on recorded audio?

I just decided to try and learn how to use VSTi, so with the help of a Greg Ondo youtube clip I managed to program drums (frst time since I lost my 808 in the early 90’s haha).
Then I recorded bass and guitar, and now I’m wondering how to change the tempo of all my tracks at the same time? If i change the metronome setting the drums will follow, but how do I get the audio to follow? I found (in the manual) Audio->Advanced->Stretch To Project Tempo, but I am hoping there might be a way to lock all tracks to the metronome?

As you will have ralized now, I have no idea what I’m doing as I’ve used cubase for ages just for live recording, so this is totally new to me. Fun though:)


Change the Audio parts mode to the Musical Mode. Then they will follow the tempo.