Change tempo without changing pitch

Hey all,

Trying to replicate a cool trick I saw on YouTube, but the guy used Protools, so not sure how to replicate on Cubase, or if it’s possible.

I run Cubase Elements 8 64 bit on a PC. Therefore, I do not have the elastique dropdown option, which seems to be the easy way to do this.

What I want to do is slow down the whole song/project, sing some BG vocals, then speed the song back up so that the vocals stay in pitch and in time but have a higher timbre. I don’t want to use some kind of plug in to do this that will result in that terrible chipmunk sound. I essentially want to try to make my male BG vocs sound like female vocs.

Here is the video that shows exactly what I’m aiming for. The trick starts at 1:18 and runs til about 3:10.
Basically, he slows down the song, sings BG vocs at his normal pitch, then speeds the song back up and pitch and tone are constant, but it now sounds like a female voice. And it is pretty clean in terms of artifacts and all. Really cool little trick I’d love to try.

If anyone has any ideas, please share.

+1 Id like to do this as well

IF you have a decent soundcard this will do it and keep the the samples in check. I have rme raydat and i can slow and speed the project up in real time live in cubase. Wonderfull