Change Tempo without moving Automation???

I flew some files into a project, screwed up and went right to work without setting the project Tempo to the tempo of the files I moved in.

Needless to say I’m DEEP into automation and I really need to set the project to the wave tempo. Of course my waves are not selected to stretch with the temp change and THEY are not effected, but my automation start and stop point go straight to Hell in a hand basket.

I’ve tried going into “Project setup” and set the “display format” to ‘Bars and beats’ thinking that the automation wouldn’t move if the automation was referencing time instead of beats. Well, that didn’t help anything. It just sets the display bar to what you want tot reference.

I tend to make this mistake on occasion and it always adds time to my work obviously. Does anyone have a a solution that will keep the automation referencing the timeline of the song instead of the BPMs. I’ve looked everywhere.

In fact I even put the cursor at the top of the song and rigged an automation node right at the start point of each track that has automation. I then select ALL of the Automation from the selected channels and Cut them from the channels, change the tempo of the song and then paste what I cut to the exact start point. It looked like it was close, but still have to move each start and end point of the automation. :imp:

Hopefully one of you guys has a solution for that. I tried searching but can’t find anything on that particular dilemma.

(not having actually tried it here, but I think this will work)…
Before attempting to change the tempo, switch all the tracks from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase (“quarter-note” icon into the “clock” icon)… Then change the tempo, then put the tracks back to Musical Timebase.

Hey Vic! Thanks a ton. I knew that Timebase had something to do with it, and in my haste I couldn’t find the toggle for it on the track. I just now found it after clicking around on the views. That did the trip. I appreciate your quick help getting me back on the right track.

VERY Happy! :smiley: