Change Text/Font of Player Label in Condensed Staves

Hello everybody,

I’d like to globally access the font/size properties of player labels in condensed staves like “1.” and “a2” as I find them a little too small in larger score sheets. However, I can’t seem to find Font Style for this to adjust. Can anybody point me in the right direction?


Engrave menu—Paragraph Styles—Condensing labels

Ah thanks a lot. I was looking under font styles.

This is one of those areas where it’s easy to be tricked by dorico… what falls under font and what falls under paragraph… bit ethereal to me.

eerrrrr… I just discovered this post because I was trying to change this font, too.

However, when I go to Engrave > Paragraph Styles I don’t have a “Condensing Labels” option! (Dorico 3.1 btw)
It’s just not there…!

Any ideas?

The correct name for that paragraph style is ‘Player labels’, which you will hopefully find there.

It’s quite a subtle distinction, but as described in the manual for the Edit Font Styles dialog, one way to think about the difference is that “font styles” are on-the-whole for notation items that display/include text but whose text formatting you can’t edit directly, like tempo marks and lyrics. “Paragraph styles” tend to be for text whose formatting you can edit directly (in text frames or text objects) or elements in scores that you can’t edit directly but aren’t strictly ‘notation’, like bar numbers and staff labels.

And in general, if you can’t see what you’re looking for in one dialog, check the other :slight_smile:

That’s always been my approach. At this point, I know the handful of things I like to futz with so I know right where to go for those. Your explanation does help though, so thank you.

mystery solved! Thanks Daniel!