Change Text into System Text?

Very true.
I meant that, for anyone reading the thread rather than just the title:

  • System Text can be hidden in parts via the Hide property (set locally).
  • Engrave mode is not universally layout-specific - many Engrave properties can be propagated and/or set globally.

Thanks for the clarifications!

I was wondering if there’s a fast way to achieve today what the original poster was asking for

No, there’s no real workflow for this at present.

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After another year, a vote for converting text to system text.


Wondering if there’s a workaround for this now? If not, I did the ctr/cmd-shift-a method pianoleo suggested above and then copied that onto the other parts. It’s annoying but at least all the text lands in the parts and then you can move it around

There’s still no built-in feature to do this, but we know it would be useful, and it’s on our backlog for future implementation.


Do you think it will be possible to preserve any format overrides (such as an italicised word or a music character) in this type of conversion? Or should we expect it will be as it currently is via cutting & pasting?

It’s impossible to say for sure until it’s implemented, but my expectation would be that there would be no problem retaining all existing formatting.


Big vote for allowing System Text. It would be very useful in choral music to mark Chorus and Verses, especially convenient if there are instrumental parts.

System Text has always existed! Just use shift-alt-x to invoke it (instead of the normal shift-x)

I would like to have support for this feature as soon as possible. Problem that i 'm currently facing is that when importing a MusicXML from Sibelius, all the text ( that probably was system text in Sibelius) is staff text in the imported full score. And there is a lot of text in them.
Is there a way at Import to specify that text should be treated as system text?.

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No, I’m afraid not. If Dorico can work out that the text is meant to be a tempo, say, then it will import it as a real tempo item (since MusicXML doesn’t specify these kinds of things particularly semantically), but if it doesn’t recognise it as a tempo by looking at the content of the text (or as a playing technique, dynamics, etc.), it will import it as a regular staff-attached text item.