Change the bar size

Is it possible to fix a precise size for every bars of the score?

Do you mean setting every bar to the same width?

You could try setting the Note Spacing to 1 space; but even then, there may be variations. What are you trying to achieve, exactly?

Yhanks for the answer. I need to make scores for beginner with very simple rhythm. I need to fix the same size for every bars in order to make it easier the beginners reading. I’ve just fixed 4 bars per system.
Attached an example about what I want.

Having vertical lines in the same place draws the eye down the page, instead of along it. Engravers usually try NOT to make barlines fall in the same place, as this helps reading across the line.


You can set Layout Options/Note Spacing/Custom Spacing ratio to 2. That means that for every doubling of note value you double the space allotted.

As Ben pointed out, this isn’t usually desirable though and actually makes it more difficult to read.

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Thank you so much, that’s what I want. In my teaching experience, I’ve noticed that if the spaces are mathematically correct, beginners understand better the notes and rests values.

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Perhaps it’s a minor distinction, but that’s not actually what you have in your example. Compare the eighth note spacing in measures 31 and 32 for example. You have the bars a fixed width, but then proportional spacing within the bar. AFAIK, that’s not possible in Dorico. Personally I think having the spacing proportions change from bar to bar within a system might be even more confusing for a beginner. A beginner could ask why should the eighths in bar 31 be allotted more space than in bar 32? They are on the same system, at the same tempo after all, and will be counted exactly the same way.

I always found it more useful to have students read the rhythms rather than the spacing, and the middle schoolers (grades 4-8) I taught had no trouble with that. Kids are quite resourceful.