Change the default location of templates

Is there a way to change the directory of where templates are stored?
Windows 10, Elements 10

I keep my projects and other files on another drive, and would rather not have my templates stored on the OS drive.

Current Location: C:\Users\X99\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 10_64\Project Template

Would rather use E:\music-recording\steinberg cubase\templates

Ultimately I will have to use Symlink but was hoping for a more robust option.


Hi and welcome,

Sorry, this is not possible.

In addition to saving my Templates as Templates, I also save them as regular Project cpr files. Basically I have a folder named Templates right next to my music Projects and under that a sub-folder for each specific Template. Then I edit and modify them like any other Project. When done, Save the Project and then Save it as a Template (which I don’t care where it stores it). Keeps things clean and easy to maintain.

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I also have some “sources” projects, from where I can import tracks to the current project.

Yes this is a good idea, I also do something similar to this,
I open my template which is basically a project, then just save as a “New Project” works great.
Adds a few more steps, but I guess it’s okay. Your is a bit more intuitive I like it.

But I will just also use symlink to trick cubase into thinking my templates are in E drive.
that way in the future when I reformat my OS drive and reinstall I will not loose my files.

Thank you both for the replies

Actually doing this often causes problems because “Save As…” sets your New Project’s Audio to the same location as the initial Project. Do this for awhile and you’ll end up with a bunch of audio from different Projects all jumbled together.

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That’s a very good point. You are correct. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
I like all my assets to follow the project file.

Although I thought there was a place to change that location, there is not.
Only when using the “New Project” function can you select where the assets are stored within the “HUB” splash screen

This software has a long way to go for customizing directories.

I usually do a OS wipe on my Workstation once a year, and my files are stored on various local and network drives, as well as image backups in my fireproof safe.
My older Cubase projects have all the audio in a shared folder, it is a mess, and can never be organized. So that is why I am wanting to change the directories.

You have been very helpful.

Another problem is in a year when I do this again will I remember to do this Symlink setup.
Seems to be the only option is to create symlinks in these template directories. or use your method.


Just FYI: I’m using the Symbolic Link, and it works just fine, very simple to do.

This will work for anything you want like iTunes, Temp folders, etc…
It might seem complicated, but once you do it, it’s really simple.
I might make a video in the near future…

Hope this helps someone else.

Maybe someone can post instructions for Mac.


Use File > Back up Project instead of Save As. This one will force you to create the new parent folder. The Audio subfolder will be part of the parent folder then.

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