change the default notehead set?


I was wondering if there’s a way - or is it planned to make it possible - to change the default notehead set, either globally or for an instrument.
And on the same subject - are there plans to make the notehead selection method easier, i.e. as a palette in the toolbar?


P.S. the new lines functionality and harmonics playback are the bomb!

Of course: Use the Notehead Set editor to change the Default Set!

Selection is from the Edit menu, or on a right click. A palette would surely display the names of the sets in one long list, or in groups, almost identically to the menu, so no change to ease.

thanks benwiggy, but currently the ‘save as default’ button just includes the selected notehead set in the list for all new projects, and does not actually make it the default set, which is always (for non-percussion instruments) the one aptly named ‘Default notehead set’.
I even tried to change the latter’s name to something else and name another set as ‘Default notehead set’, but to no avail…

It should work if you actually change the noteheads in the Default Set to some other glyphs.

You can change the notehead set used by default on the Notes page in Engrave>Engraving Options, but there are only a few different styles available for this setting (i.e. fewer than by changing the notehead set design of notes individually).

Because noteheads for percussion kits are also linked to playing techniques & playback, you can change those globally via the Edit Percussion Kit dialog, in the Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques dialog and the Override Percussion Noteheads dialog.

Thanks Lillie. I hope future updates will make this easier. Would be great to just select a preferred notehead set and ‘go with it’!