Change the font for tuplets, bar number and instrument name

Hello everyone,

I have been using Dorico for a month now and so far the experience has been very good.
I am currently editing a piano score and, although I have been able to change the font for most of the parameters, I am still not able to change the bar number, the tuplet number, nor the instrument name font.

I have tried to change the default text to the font I want (Futura Ltb) and when I go to Library>Font styles and look at each of the categories everything seems to be in order, but in the score I still have the original font.

I have already looked for videos in Youtube, I have read similar cases in the forum, but I don’t know why it doesn’t work for me.

I hope not to bother.

I attach the pictures so you can see what I mean.

Dorico forum 1
Dorico forum 2

Often it is the Paragraph style, rather than the Font one wants to change in these situations.

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Welcome to the forum, Isaac.

The change you’ve made in the Preferences dialog for the Default text font family only affects newly-created projects, i.e. it’s not a retrospective setting. You’ll need to change the Default Text Font font style in Library > Font Styles and the Default text paragraph style in Library > Paragraph Styles in your existing project.

In order to change the font for the tuplet number, you need to go to the Tuplets page of Library > Engraving Options and set Tuplet digit style to Plain font. Then you can use Library > Font Styles to edit the Tuplet Plain Font font style, and you’ll see those changes reflected in your score.

Bar numbers and staff labels can both be changed via Library > Paragraph Styles.

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Thanks!! That was very useful!