Change the location of presets in Cubase to user/documents (so that they can easily sync via iCloud)

Will be great if on Cubase 12 the presets will save in the documents folder so they can sync via iCloud… see Native Instruments user presets



Add the feature request tag, please.

+1 for this request

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And also centralize the presets, profiles, key commands, etc… for everything into one folder, so it’s easy to back up every custom setting you make in Cubase.

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Use the Profile Manager, please.

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No. You don’t understand.

Profile Manager doesn’t combine everything. I can’t remember what off the top of my head. But EVERY time I re-install cubase or use cubase on a new computer, the profile manager is not enough.

I think it doesn’t back up your presets… and I think there are other things it doesn’t back up too… some kind of preferences or something… i forget but… well, and let’s be honest, there are several types of presets in and of itself… there are track presets and plugin presets and presets for MIDI inserts and so on and so forth… aaahh… you’re gonna make me whip out my presets notes (I keep a list of folder directories I need to access to copy/paste files in the case of moving to a new computer)… one sec…


It differs, if you transfer it to the new computer, or if you use it at the same computer/system. The Profile behaves different in these 2 scenarios.

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The concept behind Profile Manager is nice… and it does combine a few things… but not nearly enough… SO… it would be great if all these presets and key commands and preferences and profiles were all stored in a centralized location, and like the OP said, if it could be located in a more obvious Documents folder, it would be great… instead of AppData / Application Support folders located in some obscure pointer type location or whatever.

So by all means, if you think that Profile Manager SHOULD do this, then perhaps the solution is an overhaul to Profile Manager. Whatever gets the job done… but it SUCKS right now lmfao

Well don’t suggest to me to do something that doesn’t resolve the issue lol

Track Presets, FX Chain Presets, Plugin Presets, MIDI Insert presets, Groove/Quantize Presets, Key Commands, Preferences, Project Templates, Logical Editor Presets, Project Logical Editor Presets, Strip Presets, etcccccccccccccccccc… ayayayay… I’m sure this is not enough half the types of presets there are to back up… it’s a headache to copy all this stuff over!!! ayayayayay

Martin using the profile manager doesn’t have anything to do with the Steinberg presets. It works great for settings and combined with a template you are almost backed up. The presets are saving in 3-4 places and will be great if this places will be moved in the documents folder so can be synchronized between computers or fresh installs. The documents folder is in the cloud for the ones that are using iCloud Drive and can be moved on OneDrive on Windows, maintaining the same pat so the user doesn’t need to do anything. Is a feature request and although the things can be done already, is a feature request because for the moment is a pain to do so.


Just to finish it and make it clear, these parts are stored with the Profiles:

  • The whole Preferences folder (including Key Commands, Generic Remote, Click Track Presets, Scale Presets, UserPreferences and many, many more)
  • Toolbars settings
  • Global Workspaces
  • Track control settings
  • Track control presets
  • Input and output settings (buses)
  • Plugin collections
  • Quantize presets
  • Crossfade presets

Fir example plug-ins presets are not included (every single plug-in can handle the presets individually).


Thank you @Martin.Jirsak my feature request for the next versions of Cubase is to have the presets folder in the documents folder so it can be sync between computers via iCloud. For example: if I save a master chain preset on my computer to be able to recall it on my laptop. This can be done by having the presets default folder in documents as already Steinberg have this feature for VST Thumbnails or Groove Agent for newly saved VST3 presets!

Every plugin can, not must, implement its own preset system… if you store all your user plugin presets in the “Documents” folder from within the plugins, it gets synced… there is no default location possible for all…

Thank you, I know that every plugin has it’s own preset system and I know they are installing with Cubase somewhere in library (on Mac). As making music doesn’t necessary require to be a computer master will be great if once you install cubase those default presets will install in Documents folder and not in library. This feature was already implemented in part for Groove Agent.

Can you explain how can a I save a dual filter preset in documents please?

I just saved it…

And BTW for syncing it is possible to add the VST3 Presets path to the sync list… at least in the syncing tools I know.

Can you explain how you did it?

there is nothing to explain… I opened the dialogue, and saved the preset.

This creates a folder with user presets.

Bro I try not to offend you. You posted a screenshot with a test preset saved on documents folder that you manually moved there so please give answers if you have otherwise read and have fun.