Change the number of bar rests to a question mark

Hi there,

In live sessions, there is a loop of bars until the singer starts the countdown for the horns.
Instead of the 5 in this example, I want to show a question mark or a X to make that visible to the players. How can I achieve that? (The 17 bar rest must still be 17, I want it only for the 5)


If I was reading it, I’d want a repeated section, with ‘Open’ in the ‘first’ ending and ‘on cue’ in the second. I know that this doesn’t answer your question… As for actually doing that, I’m not sure that you can change the text of a multi-measure rest. You can hide them and add system text, if that works for you?



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I’m afraid Dorico doesn’t provide you with the means to override the bar count in a multi-bar rest at present, though it’s something we could perhaps add as a property in future. But perhaps you could contrive to overprint the bar count with an imported graphic (with an opaque white background)?