Change the pitch range in the new sampler

Hi guys, I’m new around here!

First I just want to say that I love the new Cubase Pro 9. I left Cubase many years ago (was using 7) for many reasons and decided to give it a chance and I just love every bit of it! My favorite DAW by far!

Now I’m sorry if you can do it already but I can’t find an answer. I love the new sampler and it is an amazing addition to the software. But I would like to be able to pitch up and down for more than 12 semitones.

Use case : I want to make a build up (I produce Psytrance) so I loop a kick in the sampler. I want the sampler to play the looping kick faster and faster. But I can only do 24 semitones (by starting at -12 and going up to +12). But I need to be able to do -24/+24 or even -48/+48/

FlStudio’s sampler let’s you go up to -64/+64 I think. It gives a lot more flexibility.
Is it possible to change the pitch range in Cubase’s Sampler? If so I am sorry to bother you guys with this request.

Thank you very much!

I would like to point out that I found a way to do what I want.
When you open the enveloppe of the pitch section in the sampler you have a kind of fader at the left of the enveloppe. It seems to do +/- 60 semitones. So now I can do those crazy pitch bend effects :slight_smile:

Although it would be better to have a more flexible pitch range with more values on the pitch bend, it is a nice workaround.

Edit : You can also automate the length of the looping section in the sampler by simply dragging it. This will make a similar effect but without the pitch changing. It can be pretty useful in other situations. The more I know this sampler, the more I love it :slight_smile:. I hope that help somebody out!