Change the size of Macro Page

How do you change the size of the default macro page in the Macro Page Designer? I am building an instrument and when it opens in Halion Sonic or SE that it is larger snd more of a rectangle than a square.

Make sure the page you want to resize is selected.(red boarder) Go down to the left side of the designer page and you should see a couple of boxes with numbers in them. 595 and 390? and there should be a red padlock- which stops you resizing the page. Click on the padlock and it should “open”. this will allow you to change the dimensions of your page. Look lower down this side and you should see a “Scale” button, it’s quite possible you need to click this before you will notice the changes you have just made. Hope this works for you.
Keep an eye out -I am in the process of doing a Macro Page designer video ( it might be a few weeks-they take ages to do !!)
All the best
Paddy C.

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