Change the speed of a midi-file

How do I change the length of a midi file? I have by mistake recorded it at 44000 instead of 48000 and now its the wrong speed. Can I stretch it somehow? or schrink it?

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You cannot record MIDI data at 44.1 or 48kHz. These are just data.

Do you use virtual instruments? If yes, just change the Sample Rate of the project back.

I did this and the speed of the files are now correct in relation to each other but it seems that everything I have done in the last days has changed to 143bpm, it was 120bpm before? I think the amount of incorrectness 143bpm/120bpm is similar as the amount I get when I get the error going from 48k to 44.1k.

Maybe I should start cubase with factory-settings?


Then change the project tempo from 143BPM to 120BPM.

Also make sure your Audio Device’s Sample Rate matches your project’s Sample Rate.

But its already set to 120bpm? Do you mean at the lower right on the screen? My files has changed speed to 143bpm, the project is 120bpm. The problem came from when I had a midifile in a project and then in the middle of this project I started Dubler2, the record format then changed to 48k instead of 44.1k. Then I tried copy/paste this midi in to another project that was 48K but it was the wrong speed for the midifile. I then changed format for the first project back to 44.1k and copy/pasted the midi in to the second project and the speed of the files where then correct in relation to each other but the bpm of all the files was now 143bpm, also it seems that all my files has changed to 143bpm, also what I did yesterday. I started cubase with factory settings but it did not help. I also trid to set the format to 44.1k for the project but then it got veeery slow (lower then 120bpm). I then changed it back to 48k but the files had the wrong speed in relation to each other. (Puhhh…)


First of all, make sure, your project’s Sample Rate and Audio Device’s Sample Rate matches (probably 44.1 both of them). Once this is done, we are on the safe side and we know, how does it really sound.

Then you can adapt the tempo if necessary.

You are aloud to laugh at me if you want, I am doing that right now; The song is hotel california, its 147bpm… (I am embaressed)

I know that if I want to change the tempo to 147bpm there is a way to do this that not affects the tracks, right? you click a box for the tracks somewhere?

Hotel California is more like 70bpm

Thats not what most peole would say, is it?