change the vst instrument on multiple channels at

Does anyone know how to change the vst instrument on multiple channels at the same time?

I just tried to save a track as a pre-set but when I tried to apply it to the selected channels it did not come up in the list. It only came up in the list if I selected one track.

Maybe I could find a keyboard short-cut to apply pre-sets. Then I could use the keyboard only and cut out the mouse clicks. I have 56 channels I want to change to the same vst instrument.

Maybe there is another way to assign all tracks to one vsti?

Hold down ctrl (control)
highlight all the channels you want to change by clicking on them one at a time
let up on ctrl when finished highlighting
hold down Alt+shift
on any of the channels, choose the vst you want to change them to
after choosing the vst,let up on alt+shift
see if they all changed to the one you have chosen

The midi channels and program numbers remain unchanged for each channel. So if you need to change those you’d have to through them individually. (didn’t have time to see if they would move “in bulk” using the same above method) but at least your part way there!!! hope this helps :smiley:

Bob, thank you. That got it in one! What more can I say but thanks again . It helped a lot! I can now get on with making guitar tuners!