Change the way Dorico sees a note

Hi, can I make it so that I can edit tied notes isolated from each other? the fact that every time I wanna work on a note that is tied to another I have to UNTIE it first is very very very annoying. I would really much appreciate your help, thanks!

Can you explain what the situation is and perhaps show screenshots? Usually, people who find the function annoying are doing something the hard way, and there is typically a much easier way to get the result you want without having to do things like break the tie.

Regarding tied notes, Dorico stores them underneath as a single note (as in Play mode, in the piano roll view, it is a single note event regardless of how it is shown with ties in the music). So it is not thought of by Dorico as two notes with a tie, but as one note that might be rendered as two depending on where it begins and ends metrically.

As @mducharme said, it depends on what you’re wanting to do. But typically the best way is to use the caret, which allows you to insert things like dynamics or fermatas at any rhythmic position.

Thank you for your replying, the thing is I often find myself wanting to change the duration of the tied note and so for that it would be practical if I could just edit it by itself, it feels very unnatural to me to not do it

With the note selected, press Shift-Alt-left or right arrow.

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As @dan_kreider just said, usually for changing the duration, the preferred way to do that is to select the note and use shift-alt-left to make it shorter or shift-alt-right to make it longer. When you get used to this, it becomes second nature and you can change the duration quite quickly. By default, this will make it longer or shorter by the amount shown in the bottom left corner of the Dorico screen in the rhythmic grid setting. You can use Alt-[ or Alt-] to cycle through these rhythmic grid settings with the keyboard without having to go to the bottom left corner of the screen with your mouse. If I have to make a note much longer or much shorter, I will generally quickly change this from a sixteenth to an eighth so that I don’t have to press shift-alt-right quite so many times.

Alternatively, if you want to be able to use the mouse instead of the keyboard to do this (which might be useful for changing a note duration by a really large amount quickly), you can open a piano roll pane below the notation and drag the end of the note event to the left or right:

I personally just use the shift-alt-right and shift-alt-left method 99% of the time, as generally I don’t have to change note durations by very much.

Do not discount the double or halve functions! I set those to “d” and “h”…


Also, new to the most recent update is the ability to break longer note values down according to the current grid value by selecting and pressing alt+U. I’m finding this surprisingly useful.