Change the way the "Divide Track List" function works

I frequently make use of the “Divide Track List” function which lets you pin a number of tracks at the top of the arrangement window regardless of where you scroll vertically in the other part.

What is unfortunately also frequently bothering me is the fact that Cubase treats both areas, the top and the bottom part after activating the “Divide Track List” function, independently from each other.

Say, you want to select all events of your current project incl. tempo map points and recorded material to move them along the timeline… If you have the “Divide Track List” function active and your tempo track lives in the upper section, there seems to be no way to select all events in both the top and the lower part of the arrangement window.

You can only achieve this if the “Divide Track List” function is NOT activated :frowning:

Also, pressing Strg+A (or Cmd+A on Mac) will only select all events in the currently activated section of the arrangement window. It would be nice if that “select all” command would treat all material independently of where they are living top or bottom after dividing the arrangement window vertically.

Ok, after playing around a bit I just realized that Cubase will actually remember the position of the tracks in either arrangement zone. So what you could do is just temporary deactivating the “Divide Track List” function which brings all tracks back into one single arrangement view.

Initially it is very likely that the tracks from your top section will move somewhere else in the combined view. In my case they move to the very bottom. I then dragged them back to the top.

Interestingly though, once you do that and toggle between the “Divide Track List” function states Cubase seems to have remembered their new position. So they will stay where they where regardless of its state.

Kind of a workaround… but yeah, would be still nice to be able to select everything at once in one go…