Change this to stop Midiloops usage being limited


midi loops, as a “midi render in place” is very cool, and the added infos ( preview etc ) are super !!

but this is the limitations we have with it and why we still use midi export :

1 - we cannot save midi loops elsewhere than on actual computer where cubase is running.
i run a studio with 3 rooms with 1 computer in each ( with cubase ) accessing same data on NAS server.

not being able to change default save folder means we have to transfer them is not convenient

2 - when intern comes and prefer working on reaper or logic or wathever, we can’t share.

is it possible to have patterns & midiloops default folders moved to a other (network) drive ?
is it possible to make 1 function > “midi export”, and then choose “midiloop”, “midi file” or both ?