Change Time Signature in existing piece for single measure

Latest version of Dorico (2.1). Running into a little problem:
Music starts in 4/4 then shifts to 3/4 for a few bars then back to 4/4. After finishing it turns out one of the 4/4 bars needs to be switched to 3/4. Dorico insists to switch everything past the bar I need in 3/4 to 3/4 also. In the process shifting everything by one beat so it can’t really be just flipped back to 4/4.

So, how can I change one single measure in the middle of the tune to a different time signature without messing everything beyond up?

I assume this 4/4 bar is after the 3/4 section?

Put another 4/4 time sig in the following bar.
Delete the current 4/4 sig.
Remove extra 1 beat bar.

I always put the time signature in for what I want the piece to go back to before I put the change in, so for instance in your case I would be putting the 4/4 in a few bars later where I want to change back before I put the 3/4 in that I want for the few bars. Usually this just works and I simply end up with some spare empty bars at the end of the 3/4 section I can safely delete. Obviously It’s not ideal and just means I have to think ahead a little if I want to make any drastic time signature changes.