Change to 64 Bit Win 7

Hello folks, I am currently running C5 on a Vista 32 system. I have all my programs on the main drive and my projects on a second drive. My plan is to just get a new drive and install Windows 7 64 bit then update all drivers and such.
Can I still use the projects drive as is? Will projects recorded in my previous setup still work with the new system?
I am hoping to upgrade my system in order to get up to speed with the Win 7 64 bit thing and to upgrade to Cubase 6.

FWIW, I migrated from a Vista 32 to Win 7 64 box by copying all projects to an external drive and copying them to the new machine, so I think it’s conceptually similar to what you are describing. My experience was that all projects opened and ran well from a purely Cubase point of view. By that, I mean everything to do with Cubase was ok, but I did have to nooodle with the VSTs a bit. You will have to move them over to the new machine. Also, some of your 32 bit plugins might not work in 64 bit mode. If that happens, I guess you could run some projects in 32 bit mode on your new machine, use jbridge, or you could freeze any tracks with VSTs that don’t run in 64 bit mode and move the wav files over for mixing.

So, the short answer is yes the projects probably will move ok but you might have some VST fun in your future.

Thanks! I appreciate the answer. I wonder if the new C6 has improved the bridge? That’s what I’m hoping anyway.

Im in exactly the same position. About to go over to Windows 7 64 bit on a new system, previously using Vista 32 bit. At the same time im going from cubase 4 to 5 and all being well going straight for 6 at that point. (not an ideal route but ive already bought 5, an 6 looks sexy) ive also got a fair few 32bit vsts, and i have the j bridge download as an option.

I ‘hope’ im pretty well read by now on exactly what im about to do. But we shall see. For the benefit of future readers of this, ill post back to say exactly how ive got on. any problems etc,…

My biggest concern is having my projects work properly in the new system. My plan is to get a whole new HD to install Win7 and have my old drive on standby just in case all hell breaks loose. All of my projects are on a separate drive so I might just remove that drive when doing the rebuild and once things are up and running I will re-install it.