Change to inputting L and R Locators and song position

I think this is a bug.
When inputting song position:
Enter position at cursor _(in my case I have made that Num. )
Left Locator -L
Right locator -R

The highlighted area goes to the second number which is the beat and not the first number which is the bar.
This is incredibly disruptive to the work flow and flat out wrong.
Anyone else have this?
I know 13 imported my Cubase 12 key commands but the commands work the way you would expect in 12 but not the same way in 13.

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I have no idea what any of that means. I don’t even really know what tags are. I only know that I have been using Cubase since 1990 and this release has a lot of issues. Beyond the minor issue I mentioned above, the constant cpu spikes are beyond annoying. And the UI is cluttered and ugly. Lastly ,external effects routing issues not being saved with a project is still not fixed after many years of asking for it to be looked at. If you do indeed work for Steinberg, perhaps you could let them know to look in the forums occasionally.

Staff do read and participate. Please read some topics in the Cubase category, look at the Admin list and search their posts.

The behavior I mentioned with the song input and l and r locators works fine in all of the editors but not in the arrange window.
Since I don’t know how to properly report this bug , can you just tell someone please?
Back in the day I would have just emailed Charlie Steinberg directly and he would have had it fixed the next day (actually happened) but I don’t know how it works now.

Have a look here:

How to format a bug report

Steve is a forum moderator and does not work for Steinberg.

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Whatever, I emailed someone with the company. they can figure it out.

I would also like to see this fixed.