Change tone of prerecorded drums like on Grooveagent pads

Hi. I have a prerecorded, MIDI, low tom drum part. All of the hits are identical in timbre, because it’s always the same drum. I understand how to vary the volumes of the hits.

If I were to record this track from scratch using GrooveAgent, I could tap the drum pad in different spots to get slightly different tones.

Is there a way to get this same effect on already-recorded MIDI drum parts?


Groove Agent changes just the velocity, when you click to the different spots. The change is only in the vertical axis. So you can make slightly different velocities of your MIDI Notes. If you want to change he Pitch a bit, you can use PitchBend to change it.

Of course, you can use MIDI Logical Editor, to make these random changes automatically.

Oh. It seemed like I was hearing such a drastic difference in tone as I moved around the GrooveAgent pad, that it must have been utilizing different samples. If it’s velocity is the only thing at work, I can adjust that.