Change Track Order with Keyboard?

I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible, but in case someone has a workaround, I was wondering if there was a way to change the track order using keyboard shortcuts.

For example, in graphics programs you get commands like Bring to Front, Bring Forward, Send Backwards, Send to Back that allow the user to change the layer-order of objects.

I’m looking for something similar for Tracks. For example, I have a project with dozens of tracks and say I have a group track at the bottom of the window which is fed by two audio tracks at the top, it would be nice to click the group track and select something like Send to Top (or even better have a key command for it) and it just jumps up rather than having to drag it up. Or a key command that nudges the group up one track at a time so I don’t have to switch back to the mouse.

Any thoughts appreciated!