Change track speed when recording

I am wondering if there is a way to change a track tempo only when recording is on
Logic has this feature and looks so useful!


Sorry, this is not possible.

What do you mean by “change”, it is a pretty ambiguous term. Perhaps describe what you are trying to achieve.


My expectation is, he wants to record in slower tempo to be able to play some parts, which he cannot play in the tempo of the song.

Yeah thats what I want to but seems like its not possible with the current version of Cubase hmm :frowning:

That’s what I’d assume too - and that is possible if you change the Tempo prior to doing any recordings and when finished set it back to the real Tempo. Of course you’d need to make sure all the Tracks properly follow the Tempo.

On the other hand if they want to make the actual Tempo adjustment while recording that’s a problem. And a third possibility is they want the Tempo to vary like you’d use a Tempo Track for.

What are you trying to record - Audio or MIDI?

Are the other Tracks you are listening to while Recording Audio, MIDI or both?

Have you tried simply changing the Tempo setting on the Transport?

Not sure, but maybe the process logical editor presets for half and double tempo in cycle might help. Thus, if user decided to write in half tempo by first defining the cycle (and even without this) he/she can actually create a macro for the preset+record, though I don’t see it easier than creating just key commands for both speeds and having the record as is.

Not on Cubase, only Logic. And yes, can be super=handy for some musical processes.